A tale of 2 facilities..

HUMANE-SOCIETY-LOGO-LINEAR-finalAs I investigated more into fostering an animal, specifically Sadie, I found that they have TWO facilities. The other facility is much smaller, and is located closer to ETSU. The second place is primarily used to home foster animals, sick animals and occasionally overstock of food or even dogs and cats. I was happy to discover they were able to get the second facility because of how much assistance it will continue to offer the humane society.

Answer this here questionaire if you want..

Getting too into my topic..

Yesterday during my visit to the humane society, I met a special special four-legged friend named Sadie. Sadie was unlike any canine I’ve ever seen. The dogs in the facility are barking, running around, excited and ready for walks. But, not Sadie.. Sadie was abused and stays in the corner of her kennel petrified. I was the first person the employees have seen her warm up to. After about thirty minutes, sweet Sadie came to sit on my lap but was still shaking, even through her security vest used to make dogs feel less stress. I see fostering Sadie in my near future…


Gaining some knowledge…

High quality footage of some “random” folks I found astray who agreed to participate in my questionnaire. The snow days prevented me from visiting the local humane societies, but I did manage to gain some input from outsiders (those who aren’t animal freaks… like me…)


And… the results are inprojecto1